Withdraw a Complaint

If you have made a complaint with LECA but no longer wish to continue with it, you may withdraw it, as long as a hearing has not begun.

Withdrawing a Complaint Prior to Conclusion of an Investigation

To withdraw a complaint before the conclusion of an investigation, the complainant should provide notice to the Complaints Director. Upon receipt of the notice, the Complaints Director shall cease to deal with the matter, unless in his or her opinion, it is in the public interest to continue to deal with the complaint.

Use the withdrawal form if you have made a complaint but no longer wish to continue with it. Please include your complaint number on the form and sign it.

Withdrawing a Complaint During or After a Disciplinary Hearing

If a complaint is withdrawn after the conclusion of any investigation into it, the process will continue despite the withdrawal. To that end, any disciplinary or other measures required to be imposed or taken may be imposed or taken in respect of the person. Following the withdrawal, the complainant is not entitled to any further notice or other communication respecting the withdrawn complaint.