Request a Review

Complaints investigated by a police service

If your complaint was investigated by a police service and you disagree with the decision, you may ask the Complaints Director to review the decision.

You must request a review within 30 days of receiving the decision from the police service.

To request a review, you must complete and submit a Request a Review form.

On the Request a Review form, please include the following information:

  • Reasons for requesting a review
  • Specify when and by what means you received the decision letter and Investigative Report from the police service
  • Specify the outcome you would like
  • Include any evidence that supports your request

Please remember to include your complaint number and sign the form. These materials are not to exceed 30 pages.

How will LECA handle my review?

When LECA receives your completed Request a Review form, we will send you a letter confirming we have received your request. LECA will then contact the police service to tell them you have requested a review and give them a copy of your form.

Upon review of the findings, the Complaints Director may:

(a) confirm the determination;

(b) direct the chief of police who conducted the investigation to conduct a new investigation as the Complaints Director specifies;

(c) direct the investigation of the matter by a different chief of police;

(d) cause the matter to be investigated by an investigator; or

(e) take or require to be taken any other action with respect to the matter that the Complaints Director considers necessary in the circumstances, subject to the regulations, if any.

Complaints investigated by LECA

You may not request a review of an investigative finding if LECA conducted the investigation.

If you wish to challenge the Complaints Director’s decision, you must bring an application for a judicial review to the Ontario Divisional Court.